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Lake Garda

General informations

Villages upon ledges and stunning views. An ideal climate for the growth of olives and citrus fruits. The perfect gym for aquatics in constantly blowing wind. Lake Garda, originally called Benaco or Benacus, seems to be a small sea, comfortably narrow between plain and mountain: at the foot of the mountain Monte Pizzocolo. Thanks to its geography this land has a unique microclimate. The greenhouses for lemon trees, the so-called “Limonaie”, set the scene with their colors and their charming scent and here the cultivation of olives achieves its northernmost degree of latitude.

The “dolce vita” in the villages of the Garda Veneto comprises all aspects of the lively and carefree life: the summer, the people, the nightlife, the event locations, the enjoyment, the aperitifs at the lakeside, the meetings in the trendy clubs, the events, the fashion, the lifestyle.

To love these places just take a glass of wine or take a walk at the lakeside and you will find out how crisply the air is here.

Even exhibitions, concerts and events are able to attract thousands of people to this region. It would be reductive to describe it solely as a paradise of enjoyment, because this is really one of the places which is capable to make everyone happy.


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Thanks to its privileged geographical position between the Alps and the Po Valley Lake Garda is the most famous and most visited lake in Italy and apart from that it is also the largest one. In the North surrounded like a fjord between the high mountains of the Brescian Alps, the Monte Baldo and the summit of Garda Trentino. In the South the lake passes by a picturesque hilly landscape with numerous olive groves and internationally renowned wine regions.


Ever since a touristic destination, Lake Garda has particularly favourable climatic conditions due to the enormous dimensions of water masses, the low height above sea level and the protected geographical position. This has favoured the formation of a Mediterranean vegetation. The average annual temperature is between 13 °C and 15 °C. In particular lovers of water sports prefer Lake Garda due to its constant wind “Ora”, which blows from the South in the afternoon until evening, and “Pelèr”, which breezes from the North towards South in the morning when the warm air of the lake rises and the air from the Sarca Valley (Valle del Sarca) comes in.

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Lake GardaSpecialties of the territory

Land of wine cellars and oil mills, small trattorias and typical regional restaurants , the Gardesano area offers some of the best products of Italian food and wine culture.

Olive oil

The cultivation of the olive tree on the shores of Lake Garden has ancient origins and traditions. It is an oil of great value, light and fruity, rich in chlorophyll, savory and harmonious. It is an all-round extra virgin olive oil, which adapts harmoniously to the most varied uses in the kitchen.

Lake fish

The products obtained from the lake fish are today a symbol of culinary tradition in the local cuisine, appreciated all over the world. The most valuable and typical species is the Carpione, the Lake Garda trout. Other fish species of the lake include the whitefish, tech, perch, carp, eel, pike and chub.


The professional production of citrus fruits and historical and sustainable maintenance of the “Limonaie”, the famous lemon gardens, constitute to date the historical and architectural heritage of the Garda, thanks to the middle climate even in winter. The lemon gardens are described in the works of the eighteenth- century writers as true “ Gardens of Eden”, blooming and lush, laden with great fruits with golden zest.